The Children’s Hospital centers around improving cleaning and sanitization exercises during the COVID-19 pandemic

It is basic that medical clinics are places that are ok for patients and their families to visit, and for wellbeing staff to work. Great disease avoidance and control (IPC) is a central piece of this, during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as always.Improvements of WASH and waste administration exercises

Indeed, even before the pandemic, WHO was working with the Ministry of Health’s Department of Hygiene and Health Promotion (DHHP) to improve water and disinfection (WASH), IPC and medical services squander the board at focal and commonplace emergency clinics. These speculations have paid off, and we might want to share an illustration of the Children’s Hospital, which is seen by numerous individuals as a model for WASH and medical care squander the executives.

The staff at the Children’s Hospital is frequently asked by MOH to impart their encounters to different clinics, on WASH, medical care squander the executives and cleaning rehearses. A large number of the staff comprehend the significance of normal handwashing, sanitization of regular zones and every now and again contacted surfaces. In spite of the fact that the emergency clinic has recently introduced water tanks, handwashing stations, and garbage removal the executives, extra ventures were made during the pandemic, with new water tanks and hand gel allocators introduced at the passages to patients’ spaces for simple access.Additional uphold during the COVID-19 pandemic


Covid presents specific IPC difficulties, and focal and commonplace staff at COVID-19 assigned emergency clinics have been prepared through reproduction practices on appropriate cleaning and sanitization of clinical gear, and wearing and safe expulsion of Personal Protection Equipment to diminish the danger of COVID-19 transmission in wellbeing offices. The Ministry of Health, Department of Hygiene and Health Promotion (DHHP) likewise directed a few on location trainings and management practices in chosen region clinics.

To help the COVID-19 reaction, an overall Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines report was refreshed in March 2020 and a Standard Operating Procedure was additionally created for autoclave activity for treatment of irresistible waste,

natural cleaning and sanitization.



At the point when the WHO group originally visited the Children’s Hospital, they discovered that a portion of the wellbeing staff were at first stressed over COVID-19 disease. In any case, they felt more secure and more agreeable to give treatment to patients in the wake of accepting trainings on contamination anticipation and control and getting modern data on COVID-19 preventive measures.

Dr Phonedavanh Donsavanh, Deputy Director Children’s Hospital, expressed that “We zeroed in on WASH, IPC and waste administration to secure our wellbeing staff and patients. We additionally got a significant commitment from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), which was encouraged by WHO. The medical clinic got 400 liters of liquor 70% and 50 liters of sodium hypochlorite (cleaning and sterilization fluid). We will work with our staff to guarantee that natural surfaces are cleaned and sterilized routinely and properly.WHO Representative to Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Dr Mark Jacobs said “To satisfactorily address the difficulties of IPC and construct trust among patients and wellbeing laborers, WHO will keep on planning with our accomplices and benefactors, on actualizing straightforward and practical estimates like standard handwashing prior to thinking about every patient, and cleaning and cleansing to lessen openness to polluted surfaces. Contamination counteraction and control is urgent during the pandemic, yet fortifying done currently will likewise give benefits into what’s to come.”

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