Maryam calls PM ‘face of stubbornness’ after his blackmailing remarks

PML-N pioneer Maryam Nawaz seriously condemned Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday after he blamed the fighting Hazara families for “coercing” him into coming to Quetta.

On January 3, at any rate 10 Hazara coal diggers were executed by unidentified men in their dozing room in the Machh coal field territory. The assault was guaranteed by the Islamic State’s Wilayah Pakistan arm.

Hazara nonconformists have likewise been arranging a protest at an expressway close to Quetta throughout the previous six days and have wouldn’t cover their friends and family. They state they won’t cover the casualties until PM Khan shows up in Quetta and meets groups of the killed coal diggers.

Yet, the leader has blamed the Hazara people group for coercing him.

QUETTA: Jan07- Vice President Pakistan Muslim League (N) Maryam Nawaz addressing during the protest of Shiite Hazara Community at eastern bypass on the outskirts of the Provincial Capital against the killing of 11 Coal Miners in Machh area. ONLINE PHOTO

“We can’t do this on the off chance that you set a condition for the internment of the dead,” PM Khan commented, while tending to an occasion in Islamabad Friday. “You can’t extortion a PM like this when we have consented to all the other things,” he said.

“On the off chance that hardheadedness had a face, it would resemble that of Imran Khan,” Maryam stated, while addressing correspondents in Karachi.

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“What is their interest,” she inquired. “They need two expressions of thoughtfulness from you.

“Do they look like blackmailers,” the PML-N pioneer scrutinized the PM as she indicated photos of the fighting Hazara ladies and youngsters.

Maryam, who met the casualties’ families in Quetta on Thursday, said the Hazara dissenters revealed to her that their cemetery didn’t have space for additional entombments.

Infographic: Hazaras enduring an onslaught in Balochistan

“There were a few families who revealed to me that there was no male left in their family now,” she said.

“You, when all is said and done, state that the top of the nation resembles a dad,” the PML-N pioneer reminded PM Khan.

“God restrict, if such a misfortune fell upon your home, would you likewise call them blackmailers,” she asked the chief.

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